Jocelyn + Nick | August 21

Wasn't it Audrey Hepburn who said, "I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls" ? It's possible that truer words have never been spoken, and wouldn't you then say that Jocelyn is, in fact, incredibly happy? Because she is so, so beautiful....

However many synonyms there are for the word "sweet" and "kind," we assure you they are not enough to describe our interaction with this bride. From the moment she chose her Priscilla of Boston gown, she conducted her self and every exchange with us with grace and gratitude.

Jocelyn's custom look to her gown was complete with the gorgeous PARIS accessories that we love so much. We truly believe she looked like the most beautiful version of herself ...warms our heart so much to see such a sweet bride look so completely happy....

You are always welcome back here, darling Jocelyn...Thank you for being so kind to a couple of girls who were just so lucky to help you out. Many many wishes to you and Nick for a lifetime of love and those beautiful smiles :)

Seems we couldn't choose just two or three images, and the incredibly generous Christy Bryan of Waldorf Photographic Art kindly indulged us.

[ Bridal portraits and ceremony at Scarritt Bennett | Veil by  Toni Federici ]