Music Video! | Joanna Smith

You might remember our exciting tweets back in August when we had a country music artist in store filming her debut video... We are beyond excited today  to introduce you today to that artist, the darling Joanna Smith, and her inaugural music video, which is currently being aired on {It's all we can do not to call and email each of you personally and make you watch the video while we watch your face waiting for your reaction :) :)}

Joanna Smith:: Gettin Married

We may be just a bit biased, but we happen to think this video is downright adorable. She's an amazing vocalist, and take it from us...she's the real deal. She as southern and down-home and as sincerely sweet as they get and those are her own best friends and family making appearances in the video!

Director Trey Fanjoy brought our store to life in an amazing way and we are beyond thankful. She brought in a team of the kindest, most professional and fun group of people to work, and it was an incredible opportunity and honor to have been chosen to be even a small part of this production. This wasn't her first rodeo, y'all :) Check her out here.

We're certain we'll being seeing much more of this sweet singer...come along with us as we see Joanna's star rise....see the precious article that Great American Country published here | follow her tweets here | and "like" her here.