Another day, another fabulous wedding!

Oh boy, you are in for a treat.

Actually, we were in for a treat when gorgeous-elegant-humble-sweet-unbelievable Kate chose her classic Augusta Jones gown at The Bride Room! And finally, we get to share with the world!

These are guest photos - so we don't know who to credit - but we love them all the same! In fact, it seems perfect that to introduce Kate, it would be through the eyes of someone who loves her enough to share her most special day! We just kind of get the feeling that everyone in her life must love her, because she embodies that kind of authenticity and kindness....And oh! We could seriously blog for days about her mother and extended family who we had the great pleasure of meeting!

Oh, we digress! Kate's dress by Augusta Jones....Fabulous silk shantung bridesmaids dress (color: that not the greatest summer color!) by Watters & Watters....

Kate!....You will have us smiling ear-to-ear all week! Can't wait to see the rest of the photos!!