Here's to you, cheers to you...

This weekend we pause to celebrate the great men of our lives who tucked us in, changed our oil, loved our mothers, and yes....walked us down the aisle.

One of the sweet pleasures of our business is getting to know the brides and their families. We meet lots and lots of wonderful, adoring, doting mothers -- and occasionally we are blessed enough to meet dear ol' dad, too.

Fathers have such a unique place in weddings as he gives his daughter away - a symbolic and moving role that is the pivotal moment of joining two families.

Today and all weekend we tip our hats to the dads we have known and the dads we have yet to meet -- anticipating that sweet moment when he sees her in The Dress for the first time and acknowledges, even in some small part, that his baby girl is growing up.

For all you do - in weddings and in life - dads, we honor you!