Super Sample Sale | Sunday, November 24

It's back!!! Our Super Sample Sale is coming back Sunday, November 24 .... Though we sell our gowns off the rack on a regular basis, this one-day event will feature gowns at low price points who need to find a good home.  With some new pieces (and a new collection! stay tuned!) arriving soon, we're more motivated than ever. We love matching brides with a great deal off the rack, and this event is an especially exciting time to do just that! .

Though the Super Sample Sale is not like a typical, one-on-one appointment, it is still a lot of fun and there is a lot of energy.  A few questions that  we hope will clarify details for you :
  • What time should I show up that morning? Ultimately, this decision is up to you…Doors open at 10…your arrival time is up to YOU. In previous years, the line has formed early…but there is really no way to know. We can not predict when the crowd will start so we’re leaving that up to you….You can check Instagram or Twitter to see when the updating Sunday morning begins.
  • Will everyone be let in together? Is it going to be chaos fighting for a dress to try on? No, everyone is not allowed in at once {the chaos, however, we can not totally control :)}. We allow 4 brides in at a time, allowed in in the order in which you arrived {see question 1}. There is a method to our madness…we promise!
  • What if I want to try on other gowns that aren’t in the Sample Sale? This event is designed specifically for selling certain, pre-determined samples off the rack. Dresses that aren’t eligible to be sold will not be available for try on. We are more than happy to see you another day!
  • What are the sizes of the samples being sold? Most of our samples are sizes 8 and 10, though designer to designer, the fit of those sizes will vary. {Bridal gown sizes are simply not universal!} It is amazing what can be achieved in alterations, though, so don’t shy away if you are not quite those sizes…
  • How many people are allowed with me? Though we don’t technically have a limit, please be mindful that the experience is unusual as it is, and our extensive experience has proven that a large group can be ineffective for you. One or two trusted, close voices in your life is ideal, and we are available to help consult and direct you, too!
  • What if I've never tried on a dress? How will I know what to look for?  Though we won't turn you away, please understand that this day is not ideal or conducive in any way for you to be just beginning your search. Narrowing down silhouette, fabric, and price point is a process in and of itself. The Super Sample Sale event is hectic and exciting and by nature, requires quick thinking and decision making. We encourage you to shop around beforehand  and narrow down the ultimate vision of your day. {To "pre-shop" with us, please call or email for an appointment. We are, officially, in busy season!}

Feel free to drop us a note or give us a ring to chat through other questions or details. Truly we are here to help and would love to any way we can!

In the meantime... a little sneak peek at some gowns that are looking for a home....


There are some really great gowns, in great condition, that will be included. This is always an exciting day for us ...can't wait to meet this year's brides and see who finds The One!

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