Local Love: Batch Nashville

Y'all may or may not know that the girls at The Bride Room love all things local, and all things small business, in addition to our great affinity for all things weddings! So imagine our excitement when our paths crossed with this new venture, and when we discovered how it is a perfect fit for our sweet brides!

Batch Nashville was started to bring all locally-sourced + produced goods to its subscribers monthly (like the ever-popular Birchbox model). Every month has a theme, and though the contents are a surprise, you can be sure that every delivery has been thoughtfully, carefully, and specially curated.

How does this help you?

Batch Nashville can do all the leg work on putting together baskets/goody bags for your out-of-town guests, your bridesmaids, and shower hostesses!  Instead of running to the Loveless, Nashville Toffee, and all the souvenir shops on Broadway, you should connect with Batch and have them procure the goodies, assemble and deliver them! (Planners, are you listening?!?!) :)


We were lucky enough to enjoy our own October Batch and it was just divine. No, this post is not technically sponsored... :) We just really love what they're doing and think it is perfect for brides + planners!

Cheers to loving the locals!