Sample Sale! Bianca by Amsale

It's time again to make room for new dresses arriving this fall!   This week, we're thrilled to announce a few new pieces eligible to be sold off the rack.  Though we hate to part with any of our beauties, we believe our samples always find the right home! Sample gowns are only sold if they are in good enough condition to be worn (in most cases with cleaning and/or minor repair).  Benefits of purchasing a gown off the rack include not having to order one (perfect for short engagments!), and saving money (sometimes a lot!). If you have any questions about buying a sample gown, please do let us know. We do this all the time and we're happy to help any way we can!  Now on to today's feature. . .

Today's gorgeous Amsale gown is in perfect condition, and we have paired it here with a to-die-for veil from Paris by Debra Moreland, also on sample sale. Though they are beautiful together, they can be purchased separately, too!


Gown: Bianca by Amsale

Size: 8 | Color: Ivory | Condition: like new

Veil: Paper Wings by Paris by Debra Moreland

Color: Ivory | Condition: like new


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