Big Thanks + Much Love

We just wanted to say a big, huge, heartfelt thank you to all of you who have found your way here, to our new website and blog, and have been so encouraging. The new look has been a long time coming, and though we were so excited to show you all, we never expected so much response and kindness. Much like planning a wedding, there were so many elements that had to come together to make this possible. We wanted to create something that was at once functional but inviting; professional but accessible. In other words, we wanted it to be for you, but a genuine and concise reflection of us - who we are and why we love this so much.

If we may, a few individual thank yous:

It would be a great slight on our part if we didn't mention the darling and uber-talented Erin of Arboreal Paper. Erin's an authentic, gentle spirit with a discerning eye and calm nature. We are indebted to her endless patience with us (change this! not that! just a little lighter grey! darker ivory!...). We are thankful that she was a great communicator and responsive, open, direct every step of the way. Our new logo, website, blog, and stationery would not be as fabulous if not for Erin's skill. We are grateful.

Arboreal does custom design + printing, too. We've seen her wedding designs, and can attest to the quality and charm of every style. Check out more of her style and design influence on her blog, or contact her directly here. You'll love her, and that's a guarantee. :)

Kristyn Hogan, photographer extraordinaire, has become a dear colleague and friend. Kristyn was behind the camera for all of the images on the site - from the Front Porch Farms photo shoot to the in-store photos of us gals. Honestly? We are not necessarily totally comfortable being photographed, but Kristyn made it so easy, so natural. [PS: Shout out to Amy Lynn Larwig for giving us a fresh faces :) She does make up for brides! And bridesmaids! Check her out!] Beyond the photographs, Kristyn has impressed us with her heart and authenticity. We have several mutual brides this year and we're just *dying* to see these gorgeous girls from Kristyn's perspective.

Clearly, we could go on - just know that this was a genuine, true labor of love. It'd be easy to say we should have done it a long time ago, but we are at peace.... we believe it was worth the wait.

Stay tuned....we have a week of real weddings coming to you!