Merin + Austin | May 29

We know we say it a lot...but to be a part of Merin's wedding day was truly unforgettable. From the beginning, Merin was definitely an Amsale girl...the dresses fit her so well and seemed to be so congruent with her personality ...sweet and feminine...not too fussy and totally classic.

Merin + Austin's wedding included a whole twenty-four guests, and was hosted under the big Texas sky this May. We can't help but be completely enchanted with this rustic, down-home, intimate affair.

Favorite fun fact? Austin was deployed to Iraq when they began dating, so they got to know each other - and fell in love - as pen pals. Nothing (nothing!) is as sweet as the written word, no? How beautiful a story they have to pass on...and gorgeous photos that document this perfect, still moment in time when they were married. Totally in love with this wedding, this bride, this sweet story.

Photos by Melissa Prosser { who was so very kind when we contacted her out of the blue on (what else?) facebook ;) }