Fall Bridal Market!

It was a most wonderful Fall Bridal Market!! Huge thanks to everyone who followed along! We saw some really beautiful gowns and collections and are so truly, sincerely excited to bring some of these amazing pieces back to Nashville!

Without a doubt, the major trend was non-strapless, mostly of the illusion neck variety...lots of rich beading detail and lace surfaced, too. Soft, full tulle skirts were everywhere...we are definitely headed into a season of dreamy, feminine, one-of-a-kind gowns.

You all were a blast on Instagram! There is truly nothing quite like instant gratification :) So delighted to share with you all the goodies in real time, and you responded in kind with "likes" and comments.  The top posts below really captured the essence of market, so we're thrilled to know you loved it, too...


Even though our fingers filter, caption, and upload as fast as humanly possibly, we missed a few! Here's a few of our favorites that didn't make it straight to you...some of our favorite #latergrams, if you will ;)


We are already dreaming of Spring Market...til then, cheers to gorgeousness to come!