Molly + Tim | September 3

Precious. Generous. Kind. On-her-game. Relaxed. Happy. All of those describe Molly so perfectly, we wouldn't be able to choose just one if we had to. Working with Molly was easy and fun. . .she knew just what she wanted and when it came to The Dress. . . she knew it when she found it. It was absolutely perfect.

We hear details of weddings as we work with brides. . .we see components in part but rarely in whole. We really, really mean it when we say we want photos of the wedding and Molly is such a great example -- we knew she'd be gorgeous, but seeing her in her gown with hair and make up done. . .it completely blew us away. She described a formal wedding in Joplin, with classic elements and her bridesmaids in black dresses. We didn't know she meant in black dresses and styled to perfection.  What a treat, what a joy to see these images from the amazing DuRall Photography. . .and what an honor it was to be a part of this elegant and timeless celebration.





The details were fabulous and there was a timelessness to the photography that you will want to see...visit the full post here. :)

Gown + {custom} belt by Augusta Jones | Maids by Alfred Sung