A Summer for Sisters

It is always a pleasure to introduce you to our sweet brides, but this post is extra special, because you get to meet two of our darling girls. See, Emily and Rebecca are sisters - the only children of their amazing parents - and they happened  to share their seasons of engagement and wedding preparation. We were the fortunate ones to have not only one of the girls' dream dresses, but both, and so we celebrated with this family all summer long! The fun of weddings is always that no two are ever the same, and the same is true even for these precious sisters. . .

Emily + Stuart | May 19

Emily found her gown right off the rack and needed very few alterations. She was lucky to pick up a discontinued style (which saved her some money!), and her personal style lent itself to accessorizing this classic Priscilla of Boston ball gown. There were many references to Emily's affection for all things sparkly, and she incorporated a fabulous belt and many PARIS accessories to complete her look. It was perfect and she was stunning.

Katy Southern captured Emily + Stuart's big day. . .you should see more from he full blog post here.


Rebecca + Jacob | August 11

Rebecca, every bit as sweet and delightful as Emily, also found a classic style gown, but stayed true to her more-understated, decidedly-no-bling style. Her Augusta Jones gown was the ultimate shape for her and she was perfectly styled and absolutely gorgeous for their southern celebration at the Loveless Cafe. Kristyn Hogan documented their special day, and you can (and should!) see more pictures  here.


Of course we would be remiss if we didn't give a big virtual hug to the real stars of these celebrations - mom and dad.  Needless to say, no one would have blamed sweet dad if he went a little George Banks on us . . .but he didn't; quite the contrary. Sweet father of the brides Randy was nothing but  precious, precious, precious during the whole process, and mom was the epitome of grace, patience, and oh yes - organization.  Surely these wonderful parents have been thinking of their girls' wedding days for years, and maybe didn't expect them to happen within months of one another - but such is life and love. We adore the way this family rallied around each other, and both girls were celebrated and encouraged in unique ways. . .really, it seemed like it was meant to be this way all along, so these darling sisters could navigate this special time together. Three cheers to a summer of celebration and new beginnings. . . now we hope mom and dad are on a nice long holiday somewhere without cell reception ;)


Emily in Priscilla of Boston | PARIS accessories

Rebecca in Augusta Jones | Toni Federici veil

Mom in Watters | PARIS earrings

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