Just Think Positive!

Wow... what a mess! Arrival to the store this past Saturday morning was nothing short of shocking... and with a day full of appointments ahead! Our team worked quickly and called in the troops and they have been working ever since... we are so grateful to have such wonderful support around us!

So, here's the deal: We are not currently open for appointments or store traffic at all. We ARE, however, conducting business as usual otherwise in terms of communication, ordering, and the like (yes, there is much more to what we do than when you are in the store!!) even though it may be remotely. That said, please feel free to call the store and leave a message as the voice mail will be checked very often. If email is easier, it is being maintained as well. (I will post all contact information at end of post) Please don't hesitate to call on us if you have questions about anything at all! We are currently accepting appointments starting Saturday, April 26th and it is filling up already!

If you are a bride who has already shopped with us and needs to see the few gowns again BEFORE April 26, we are happy to bring a few gowns to you at an alternate location.... This will of course need to be coordinated a day or two ahead of time...

If you are a current bride wondering about products that you have either on order or that are currently at The Bride Room, we are happy to answer any questions or concerns that you might have. Know that any items that are at The Bride Room are in a secure, climate controlled place.

So.... now that logistics are out of the way, lets talk positive: we're getting a face lift! a fresh new start! That, ladies, is grounds for a party! (I'm always looking for an excuse!) We'll be putting together a little soiree to celebrate the fact that we are back up and running and looking fabulous so be on the look out for details to come... it will probably be the end of May... Cheers!

Here are communication details if you need anything at all!
The Bride Room

Charlotte Poling: