Sarah Gay + James | June 23

Happy Friday, friends. Stephanie here, taking some liberty with making this post a touch more personal. . .hope you will bear with me. :) I knew I'd love Sarah Gay when we started chit-chatting about her upcoming wedding and she said it would be in Midway, Kentucky. For those of you who may not know, I was raised in the great, gorgeous Lexington and Midway is just a tiny bit outside my hometown.  Classic bride looking for a lace gown for her summer vows in Central Kentucky? Instantly smitten.

Turns out we had a few mutual friends {including my darling sister-in-law! small world, indeed!}, but of course Sarah Gay earned my affection honestly: she was kind and warm and as genuinely sweet as these summer days have been hot.  It was so delightful to be present as she discovered her elegant Jim Hjelm gown, and no matter how many times I told her she should totally be Kate Middleton for Halloween {yes, I know, so lame that I actually said it. . .}, she remained modest and completely unaware of her intimidatingly natural beauty. She was, in a word, a pleasure.

Fast forward to this week, when her amazing photographer published her blog post from Sarah Gay and James' sweet Southern soiree. From the first image of the sweeping Lexington landscape to the photos that captured Sarah Gay's joy and love for her family, I knew I would always be grateful our paths had crossed.  Hope you enjoy these pictures; there are many more here. . .you should take a peek!