Sample Sale Info

  Just a heads up! We'll be launching our Feature Sample Sale next week on the blog. . .

{this stunning Monique Lhuillier is being sold off the rack! | photo by Leslee Mitchell}

What does this mean???

We are actively selling dresses off the rack on an on-going basis, but a few times a year, we like to highlight some favorites that are eligible to be sold as a sample. Fresh off of April Market, we're ready to showcase some great gowns again and let you know what's up for grabs. . .

The posts to follow in the coming days will have info on style, color, size, and condition of gown. A few additional things to remember:

  • Though gowns are not brand new, we will not sell a dress off the rack if it's beyond reasonable cleaning and repair. We make every effort to disclose everything we know about the dress {needs a new zipper; the train needs extensive cleaning, etc}. We don't want to sell it to you if we don't want it to walk down the aisle! :)
  • Sizes vary. That is, from ready-to-wear to bridal, your size will most likely be different. Also, almost every designer we have runs differently per their size chart. An 8 in Monique Lhuillier is not the same as an 8 in Jim Hjelm Bridal. Please understand your best and safest option is to try on the gown of interest.
  • We will happily facilitate Sample Sales via phone, email, etc. . .{see note about sizing}. We will provide photos of our Sample piece, all pertinent info, and help guide you as best we can. We operate from good faith and give you every bit of info we can!
  • Since gowns take 4-6 months to order, Samples purchased directly from us are a great option if you are having a shorter engagement. Also, they are a great option for a bride on a budget or if you are a perfect fit in the gown!  We love a great match between a Sample gown and the perfect bride!


So check back in the next few days! We have gowns from every designer that we are parting with, and the perfect gown for you just might be available!