It's Always About The Dress :)

It's probably never a good thing to start a post with a disclaimer, but please don't judge us...

We promise we are not faithful followers of The Bachelor :) :) We are not contending that this was the TV event of the season - we didn't even watch it! {We didn't need to, it turns out...our fellow vendors and even brides were keeping us in the loop via twitter...looks like we didn't miss much! :)} But we can't help but get a little curious anytime there is such a celebrated wedding event...of course, the most pressing question is always, what will she wear?!??!
So when word got out that the bride would be wearing a custom Monique Lhuillier, we knew that: 1) it would be a-mazing! and 2) we'd have to give into this commercial media frenzy and get a peek of Molly!! {It is Molly, right!?! See, we were even a little confused about the players in last night's wedding, since it came on the heels of the most current season, and all its scandal...or was that just us???} Oh we digress...back to the Lhuillier :)
(are you as stunned as we are that this was the only place to get "real" pictures of this blessed affair???)
Say what you will about the wedding and the show...But the gown??? Lhuillier-loving heart be still! Amazing shape on Molly, beautiful fit, and the texture...oh the texture! Those hand sculpted roses are perfection and a signature Monique touch....we adore the detail and love that went into making this gown for a gorgeous bride!!
And the timing? Couldn't be more perfect...come to the Monique Lhuillier Trunk Show at The Bride Room April 2 + 3 and find the romantic, feminine, couture gown of your dreams....we are so so excited to host Monique's Fall 2010 don't want to miss!
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