Amy + Stephen | November 26

Will you forgive us if this one is a little personal? If we get a little sappy or long winded?

Introducing you to Amy and Stephen is like introducing you to some of our very best friends, and sharing their story seems like an enormous responsibility and privilege that allows very little room for brevity. So please, this Friday, excuse the many, many words and trust us that we share from a sincere and loving place....

Amy was an integral and special part of the The Bride Room team for two fabulous years. Her enthusiasm and lightness brought smiles every day to the job and cultivated an environment that never really felt like work. It was a true pleasure seeing her be excited for brides and help them find their dream dress.

Over time, friendship formed and we bonded over trunk shows and photo shoots and bridal market and couture gowns and well, life itself. A short time after starting at The Bride Room, Amy met Stephen. There's really no way to describe how magical these days were, but to see a dear friend fall in love - and fall in love with a kind, caring, generous soul - is such a joy in this life. We had the privilege of some of the earliest phone calls {and texts! and picture texts! and hugs!} after the engagement and had nine precious months of planning beside this beaming bride.

The wedding itself was spectacular - visually beautiful, well appointed, carefully executed, and thoroughly planned to the smallest detail. Amy and Stephen included personal details and took good care of their guests with such intention. Friends and family in turn enveloped them with such a spirit of celebration, that for a full two days that weekend, it was actually possible to believe that only love and goodness exist. Joy was positively palpable. Certainly, we hope that's how they remember it.

And yet, it would be a great disservice to describe this wedding as completely perfect - because in truth, Amy and Stephen's stories unfold in such a way that meant there were people who weren't at their wedding...the kind of people who really should have been. We don't feel like we have the liberty to share too many of the details of personal loss, but trust us when we say...the beauty and levity of this day was possible because of two young people who decided that love would - and could and should - win. The radiant bride in these pictures has chosen every day to wake up to possibility and make a life of happiness for herself and those around her despite some pretty tragic circumstances.  Celebrating with her on her wedding day was a great honor because  she gives her love so selflessly, and to see her in the safety of Stephen's commitment and sincerity made it feel like...well, like some girls get their princes and their happy endings. No one could be more deserving than sweet Amy.

We've actually had brides come in to shop with us since this November wedding who have seen it posted {here and here} and told us about which elements they, too, want for their wedding...and we understand...oh, how we understand. Who wouldn't want their wedding day to be quite this beautiful? This classic and all-American? But more than the dress, more than the flowers and cake and photography and music...we celebrate Amy and Stephen for the sincerity of their love and the joy they bring others. We will always remember this wedding, and treasure the ways we were fortunate to be a part; but it is a greater honor to do life with them, even now, after the magic of the big day.

Gown: Monique Lhuillier | Groom's Attire: custom Ralph Lauren | Maids: Amsale

Planning: Elizabeth James | Venue: Schermerhorn Symphony Center

Photography: Kristyn Hogan | Videography: McNeal Wedding Films