Haute Bride!

We are over the moon with our big announcement today!!

If you follow us on Twitter, maybe you've already seen....but we are the newest salon to partner with Haute Bride accessories of San Fransisco!!
The Haute Bride collection is for a fashion-forward, risk-taking bride...maybe she's wearing a beaded Platinum gown? Or a too-cute tea length Reverie number? Haute Bride is bold and has a big presence and can be worn again and again and again....In a word, fabulous! {Ok, we confess, we're already placing order for personal reasons!! Come see the cushion-cut crystal pendant and you'll know why!!}
Lindsie, head designer and entrepreneur extraordinaire, and Charlotte connected at market a few seasons back and it was a match made in bridal-boutique heaven :) :) :) :) {Stephanie here :::: let me tell you, if you want to be inspired by Women Who Do It All, spend a few minutes listening to Charlotte and Lindsie....fab businesses, children, friends, husbands...they're amazing!!!! But I digress....}
The product is great, the designer fantastic, and the customer service impeccable. We are proud to partner with another {woman-owned!! small business!!} collection who cares as much about the girl who wears the jewelry as the innovative pieces themselves. Three cheers for beauty and heart!!! Our fave combo!! :)
Haute Bride is both the jewelry collection and a very special boutique in San Fransisco...check them out here and follow along here....and come get your new jewels now!!!