More Sample Sale Goodness!

We are thrilled to update you with some more details....thank you SO MUCH for all the interest and excitement for this event...we are really looking forward to a successful sale!
One very important and exciting update... one of our most valued partners in the business is expert couture seamstress DeNeal D'Angelo. She is truly a master of her so so many of our brides can testify to her amazing work and professionalism. DeNeal has hemmed, bustled, taken in, let out, and completely reworked more dresses than we can count. She is AMAZING and such a treasured friend of The Bride Room....
DeNeal is gracious enough to be present here on Sunday...that is right...a couture seamstress at your disposal to ask questions! She will offer opinions and help guide what is possible for altering a sample gown. This? Is such a huge benefit to a sample sale....the unknowns are eliminated and you can have every confidence in your purchase!
You don't even have to take our word for it ;) You can see some reviews of her work here.
* * * *
We are expecting brides from all over Tennessee on Sunday....and now, we can definitely say we would be more than happy to welcome some Atlanta brides too :) :) This too-cute blog was very sweet to include us on her blog post. So fun!

Happy one-week-til Thanksgiving! See Sunday (if not before then!)!!!