This Weekend: On a Wait List!

Hi girls! Hope all is well . . . seems we are all getting settled into fall and the dress shopping season is peaking again! So. Much. Fun! A quick note that all appointments for this Saturday, September 24 are booked. We are starting a wait list and will gladly contact you if any cancellations occur. . .sometimes, things change!


Why an appointment anyway? If you haven't visited yet, you might not know that we are a fairly small store with just two fitting rooms and a small & dedicated staff. We are here to help you sort through silhouettes, styles, shapes, etc that might work for you and occasionally, we even pull a dress that the bride would never choose and it is, well, the One. We know changes that can be made to dresses, colors that are available, accessories that work perfectly . . .  simply, we are here to help you and guide you. We don't want you to miss a really great experience. It is, after all, a very special time!


{ Yes - of course we do often see walk - ins, it's just that we can't necessarily guarantee an available fitting room . . .and if you make the trip here, we want you to enjoy your time with us! }

While we are thrilled to be running on full, we also don't want to miss you. . .Saturdays tend naturally to be busier days, and can fill up. If you have a certain day you want to visit, let us know! And remember week days are a little less chaotic and can be a great way to get your dress shopping started! | 615.297.9899

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