Page + Lee | May 16, 2009

How do you even begin to share the love we have for a one Ms. Page?

Page was - and is - one of the most enthusiastic brides ever!! Not over the top, no -- just genuinely excited for a celebration of love and commitment to a man she's spent years and years with....
You get to know Page and you realize she is funny, laidback, hard-working, thoughtful, and totally loyal - and that was so evident by the people who surrounded her during the too-small window we got to spend with her. She has the dearest and sweetest friends, dad, and brothers ...we even got to meet Lee, her then-fiance, and gosh darn it, just more proof that she surrounds herself with the warmest and kindest people. These two won't just make it - they'll have fun along the way and have the best support system around....Kisses and hugs, Morrises ...keep comin' around 'cause we love you *that* much!!! :) :)

To top it off, they had friend Tec on hand as the photographer - we know, we've been Tec's biggest cheerleaders lately, but hey - he's good, and keeps putting out fabulous work of our fabulous brides so we just can't help ourselves :) :)
And of course we need to do a plug - Page TOTALLY ROCKED a Priscilla of Boston gown that both complemented her and allowed her to look like herself (the most beautiful version of herself!)....Priscilla did a custom fit via muslin fittings and Page's dress didn't need a single alteration - not even a hem! - when it came in. Amazing....such a testimony to a well-made dress!!!
Happy Wednesday!