Brooke + Logan | May 15, 2009

Girls, let this be a lesson...When we say we want photos of you, we really, really, really mean it.... We were about to start stalking Brooke with emails requesting photos when she sent these our way...We smiled all. day. long. when we saw them....Just look at could you NOT smile ear to ear??? (sigh)

Photos by the uber-talented Meggie Velasco....loving her style! Gown (with customs!) by the always spot-on Augusta Jones....

(This is when Logan saw Brooke for the first time. We love this guy!)

(This photo was actually taken by Brooke's it!)
We could go on and on and on about Brooke and her super sweet mother....there is such a sweetness and goodness of spirit that we can not capture in words. And truly, truly - do you know people who are absolutely stunningly beautiful on the outside, but have no clue? So that makes them all the more gorgeous? That's Brooke. She was so kind to us, so sweet, so thankful, so genuine.....Honestly, it was an absolute blessing to be a part of this super sweet day....
Brooke, a million hugs from miles away....Please don't be a stranger....we looooved your enthusiasm, your incredibly authentic spirit, your selflessness....a real, true pleasure working with you...Happy married life to you, doll!!!!