New Girls in Town

So why did being the new kid get such a bad rap? You know what we mean? Like being the new kid at school or on the team or whatever.....

Well we're here making our best effort to take away all the weird connotations associated with being the new girl...trying to fit in...finding a place....Here's hoping these (new!) oh so lovely Priscilla of Boston gowns make you took us NO time to get acquainted and bring them right into our little family of gorgeous gowns :)
Priscilla of Boston style 4312 - the detail on this one shoulder gown is exquisite....coupled with the dropped waist and pockets, you'll be making a statement that is both classic and very, very modern.
Priscilla of Boston Style 4310 - you really must see this in person....the combination of the soft, soft silk organza and the chunky crystal trim is genius amazing shape and fabulous neckline!
Priscilla of Boston style 4309 - amazing waist line and full skirt....gorgeous crystal detail at the center and pleating from waist that slimming, chic, and totally classic!
Can't wait for you to see them too!!!! :)