A Love Letter, Part II

Dear Monique,
We figured since this is our second love (stalker?) letter to you in thirty minutes, we could just call you by your first name. You don't mind, no?
We have been blogging about the fabulousness that is your Spring 2010 collection and thought we would post some pictures. We know they don't actually do justice to the craftsmanship of your beadwork or the quality of your fabric, but we wanted the world (er...the small corner of the world who reads this...) to see some semblance of this collection.  If anyone wants to see the pictures closer, they can click on it and it will enlarge. 
Can't wait for the other pieces from your collection to be in the store for the Trunk Show in 2 weeks. Take our word for it...the Nashville brides would do you proud!
We're headed to La Zarza for dinner if you care to join....