We're Throwing a Party With. . .Social Graces!

She's spunky, creative, full of energy, and sweet as pie. One part newlywed, one part birthday girl (hope it's the happiest!!!!), Erin Duffy of Social Graces is a gem of a gal, teeny tiny in stature but absolutely huge in heart. She has been so.unbelievably.generous with her time and talent. . .when you look around Houston Station next Thursday night, you will wonder "why does this look so amazing?" And the answer will be sweet Erin . . . can't wait for you to see her amazing crafty goodness in person! Love what you see? She's the store manager for the darling paper-and-gift-shoppe Social Graces in Hillsboro Village. If you're dreaming of your wedding invites, or need a great gift for your best girl friend, be sure to stop in and see her. She'll help execute your vision and entertain your every whimsy {trust us!} :)

We fell in love with Erin as one of our brides, and are absolutely honored that she would be so generous to us. Get to know her a little more. . .

Tell us about Erin Duffy the person ....

I LOVE making things. I have a history in design, display and all things weddings. I spend my days at the lovely Social Graces in Hillsboro Village helping sweet brides find their wedding invitations and talking them into hand punched tags for all the small things at their wedding; my nights are spent planning and executing various projects. I spend my weekends with my sweet husband and my adorable puppy! From designing wedding invitations, floral arrangements, parties, showers, to living rooms ... I love it all! No project is too big ... Just ask The Bride Room! I was honored when asked to design and create a large installation for the 10 year anniversary party!

What is your role at Social Graces and what is Social Graces' role in our sweet community?

I currently run the store. My role here is to make sure every bride that walks in these doors feels comfortable and welcome and most importantly, I want to give her whatever it is that she is needing/ wanting for her big day! I hope to do the same for the community, spread cheer through our beautiful papers and gifts. And of course I'd be a happy woman if I kept the hand written note alive!

Social Graces does custom stationery and design for all types of people - and including brides. What are some tips you would have for brides beginning to plan the invitations, programs, etc. for their wedding?

Look at blogs and magazines and get as much inspiration as possible. Set your sights on your vision for your perfect day and come on in ... we'll take it from there!

If you had an unlimited budget, current passport, and one month with nothing to do -- where would you go, what would you see, what would you do?

I would pack my hubby, suitcase and camera and tour some of the most beautiful beaches to relax first. Then rent scooters and then hit up Italy second. It's the perfect place to find all things that inspirational ... from the culture to the architecture to the fashion ... and my chef hubby could get inspired from the food! It would be perfect! When shall I begin packing?

What is something that few people know about you?

I'm from San Diego but I hate Seafood. I live Nashville but I hate home cookin. What do I live off of then? Candy! That's why I'm full of energy and stay up all night crafting!