We're Throwing a Party With. . .The Wine Shoppe at Green Hills!

Today's featured friend are the kind folks at The Wine Shoppe at Green Hills -- so sweet, so sincere, and so excited about what they do. We can tell you that their efforts to make you feel right at home are authentic ...we always feel like the only customer in the store! It's amazing! Read on for some inspiration and behind-the-scenes insight on what it's like to run a boutique wine shoppe!

Tell us about The Wine Shoppe at Green Hills. What experience do you want your customers to have?

The Wine Shoppe at Green Hills is a small, boutique style wine shop where you will find products that we hand select because we believe in who makes the wine and where it come from.  We are all about the customer experience! We know our customers preferences and can always lead them to something new and interesting whether it is a gift, a bottle to pair with dinner, or customized menu/wine pairings and signature cocktail creation for a dinner party.  I think our customers walk away with a more personalized and authentic experience.

You are new owners, right? What is your vision for The Wine Shoppe?

Yes. The store has existed for ten years but we took over in August.  Our vision is to be known as THE place in Nashville to shop for wine, artistanal spirits, and craft beers and to be a dependable resource for those who are interested in food and wine culture.  We hear from our vendors that we are the local wine retail trendsetters.  In addition to that, we are most known for our knowledgeable and personable customer service.

For brides and grooms trying to cater to their guests, what kind of advice can you share about choosing wine for a wedding celebration?

Be unique!  Don’t just go to your typical wine and spirits store for mass-market wines and no guidance.  We can help you find unique, small production wines that won’t break your wedding budget.  It may sound crazy but we can actually tailor your wine and cocktail choices to fit the theme of your wedding and the personality of the bride and groom while still pleasing the crowd!

Besides being a retailer, you also have events and weekly features, right? Can you share some of those? We love hosting tastings with unique themes and it is a great time to not only educate our customers, but to get to know more about their wine preferences in a social setting.  March at The Wine Shoppe has a theme of ‘French Month’ (and yes, the guys in the shop did sport faux Frenchie mustaches one particular Saturday this month). To kick off French month, we hosted a fantastic tasting where we partnered with local restaurant Miel and local wine importer Jon-David Headrick (an importer from Franklin, TN who specializes in wines from the Loire Valley).  It was a sold out event with delicious food and wine pairings in an intimate, but lively setting.  On a regular basis, we host wine tastings upstairs at Whole Foods with fun and fresh themes.  The next tasting on March 24 is called “French Wine is French Culture.”  The events page on our  website or Facebook is a great way to stay informed about all our fabulous upcoming tastings and our weekly email is a great resource for interesting featured wine specials, recipes with food pairings, and some of our favorite cocktails.

You co-own the store with your husband. What do you all like to do for fun? Where can we find you on a Friday night?

Being small business owners there never seems to be enough time left over for “fun.”  Luckily we love our job and we love working together, so work usually ends of being fun!  Hmmm…since Friday and Saturday are our busiest working days, Sunday is our one true day off.  We enjoy hiking at Radnor Lake, decorating our new home, cooking a more elaborate dinner than the work week allows and pairing it with a new wine we want to test out. We have just started documenting some of homemade food and wine pairing moments on our website/blog.  Can you tell we LOVE food and wine?

Where will you be on Thursday, March 31? :)

At The Bride Room’s 10th Anniversary celebration, OF COURSE!