We're Throwing a Party With. . . Arboreal Paper!

Today's featured friend is so near and dear to us. Erin Pfister, designer and owner of Arboreal Paper,  has become so much more than a "vendor" or "referral" to The Bride Room. She quite literally gave us a fresh new face when she partnered with us to re-create our website last summer. And she has so patiently walked with us through the process of executing a cohesive look for the 10 Year Celebration. We are, indeed, indebted to her kindness and generosity. But we really want you to know she is so much more than just an insanely talented designer. Erin has a heart for people, an adventurous spirit, and a no-fuss sensibility that makes her seem like a local celeb and your very best friend all at once.  She is delightful, easy, kind, and drop-dead gorgeous (you may or may not see her on the runway on the 31st!). Trust us, knowing Erin and working with her will endear you to this great little city of ours all the more!

Describe your business in 12 words or less:

Graphic designer creating beautiful, unique designs through patterns, textures, type, & details.

{photos by Allister Ann Photography}

How long have you been in business:

I've been self-employed since December 2009, but i've been working in the design world for 10 years now.

(photo by Mandy Johnson Photography}

Favorite thing about what you do:

I love the fact that I have the opportunity to work on an amazing variety of projects + I can make time to create my own line of stationery. One minute I'm sketching for a new bridal suite or a wrapping paper design, then I switch over to create an advertisement for a restaurant or golf resort.  It keeps me interested and constantly pushes me to focus on what's best for each client.

{photo by Mandy Johnson Photography}

Your idea of a dream vacation:

Oh, traveling is what makes my heart beat fast. Right now, I'm dreaming about going to Barcelona,  Greece and Australia. But, ultimately, you can put me on an exotic beach with clear waters and white sand and I am so happy.

Favorite local place to eat in Nashville:

City House is my favorite for fine dining + PM is my everyday top pick.

{photos by Jeremy Harwell Photography}

Something few people might know about you:

I am scared of fish. Yep. It's so elementary... I know. But if you catch me at the beach and attempting to cool off in the ocean, there is a good chance you'll see me freak out when the little, tiny fish touch me.

Where will you be on the evening of Thursday, March 31st?

There is no place I would rather be then with The Bride Room gals to celebrate! This is one party I will NOT miss! You might even catch me in a gown!

* * * * *
It is an absolute pleasure to be able to introduce you all to these fine folks who are working so selflessly and so tirelessly to coordinate our 10 Year Anniversary Celebration at Houston Station on March 31st.  Hope you've enjoyed the brief bios and getting to know everyone a little better!