We're Throwing A Party With....Brocade Design Arts

We just get so excited to share vendors we *adore*....this one is extra dear to us :)

10 Year Party go-ers meet Brocade Design Arts

a.k.a. Hillary Robson ::: the creative mind behind all amazing florals :)

a.k.a. Hillary Robson, the creative mind behind Brocade Design Arts.

You all may remember Hillary from this lovely post :) :) :) she has become quite dear to our little store. Aside from being super adorable and full of personality her creativity when it comes to florals.... ya'll be prepared to swoon over Hillary and her amazing talent :)

Photo by Kristyn Hogan

Give our readers an overview of your business:

I like to explain our philosophy behind our design as very personality-focused and detail driven. We really try to get to know our couples and have a relationship with them so that we can better understand their vision and needs. We love weddings that incorporate personal touches that make the event unique, and we're obsessed with all the little details that can make a wedding become a work of art.

How long have you been in business:

Three and a half years, our four year anniversary is August 1.

Favorite thing about what you do:

Collaborating with brides to create an expression of themselves and their love through their flowers and décor, and then seeing that collaboration come to life on their wedding day. It's an amazing feeling, watching something grow from idea into a full on actual reality. It makes what I do so rewarding and wonderful.

Photo by Donald Yeager

What trends in floral are you seeing in 2011 brides?

Our brides are telling some really exciting color stories, from bold fuchsia + blue, lime green + eggplant, sunny marigold + marine -- some deliciously fun pairings. And we're seeing an advance in the vintage/rustic theme, with many personalized touches.

What is the one piece of advice you would give brides in relation to their wedding florals?

I think that brides can get really caught up in trying to be on trend or can see a look on a blog or a magazine and think that their wedding has to be *just like* that one particular event or image. It's important for brides to be inspired what others have done and take that inspiration and make it their own--- it's really and truly YOUR day, a celebration for you and your husband to cherish for all time-- and I believe it's important that you reflect your unique personalities and vision.  Don't be afraid to adapt something that's already been done and make it your own.

Your idea of a dream vacation:

A beach, some mojitos, and my sweetheart with no email, no phone, and no distractions from the outside world. Just total, complete bliss. :)

Favorite local place to eat in Nashville:

It's right outside in Nashville in Murfreesboro : The Five Senses. It's a wonderful, wonderful place.

Something few people might know about you:

I have a master's degree inEnglish and have co-authored several books.

Where will you be on the evening of Thursday, March 31??

At The Bride Room's 10th Anniversary Celebration at Houston Station is the correct answer :) Of course it is, I'd not dream of being anywhere else!

Take a moment ladies to admire all the crativity, love, + beauty Hillary has to offer-- she is a rare gem :) Cannot wait to see all the magic she will bring to our 10 year celebration :) :)