We're Throwing a Party With. . . Nashville Cake Pops!

With the countdown well under way 'til our big 10 year anniversary bash, there are certain elementswe are personally so excited to see develop (fashion show, anyone?!) But if you're anything like us, you'll have to admit that maybe most enticing about this whole shebang are the treats...enter Nashville Cake Pops....the snappiest little company on the Nashville landscape for bite size treats that are equally adorable and delicious (take it from us! yes! we have sampled them!)!

We are truly, sincerely, absolutely delighted to introduce you today to sweet Nicole, who is living the Cake Pop dream! {And oh yes, follow her on facebook (search for Nashville Cake Pops) to see new flavors and current photos of fun orders and special treats!}

Can't wait to share all about you!!! You're a new business in Nashville, right? Tell us about how you got started. We are a new business in Nashville. My husband & I have an App called Stumble Upon and we saw the cake pop idea. We knew it would be something unique & yummy for Nashville. I started experimenting, taking them to personal occasions & people we work with. The reactions were amazing. Before I knew it the requests for orders started coming in!

Let our readers know about all the different ways cake pops can be  incorporated in their weddings and other events. Cake Pops can be used as a selection on a dessert bar, in a welcome package for your guests at hotels, as table # markers, favors, or as a passed sweet treat at cocktail hour.

What are some of your favorite or most popular flavors? Chocolate Fudge Cake covered in a Peanut Butter with crushed PB Cups on top, Red Velvet Cake Covered in White Chocolate with crushed Pecans & my favorite is the Lemon Cake with a Vanilla Coating.

Do you do holiday-themed cake pops? Yes, we can do all kinds of colors & festive sprinkles on the outside of your cake pop.  We can even do shapes & characters: hearts, flowers, easter chicks, snowmen etc...

Do you deliver? We we can deliver for your event or special occasion.

What's the biggest order you have filled? The smallest? Our largest order was 1050 cake pops and our smallest has been 12.

Do you personally have a sweet tooth? What's your favorite sweet treat? I actually prefer savory foods, but I love plain cheesecake with fresh strawberries.

What is something few people know about you? I often warm my dog's blanket in the dryer & place it in her bed before she goes to sleep:)