We're Throwing A Party With . . . Amy Lynn Larwig!

You may recall hearing a thing or two about a photo shoot we did a few weeks back at Houston Station with our darling photographer friend Kristyn Hogan? We were just to fortunate to have on hand that day Amy Lynn Larwig, Makeup Artist extraordinaire with spunk and energy and creativity and oh yes. . .plenty of talent to spare.

Amy Lynn has been a friend of The Bride Room for some time now, but we have so enjoyed getting to know her while planning for our 10 Year Party. We love her curiosity and attention to detail and her desire to do just what we want her to ... did you hear that, ladies? She has interviewed us thoroughly about our vision and  is interpreting it through what she knows best ...make up artistry. It was a win-win for our photo shoot (more on that later!), and we just can't wait for the runway looks. (!!!!)

Learn more about sweet Amy Lynn here and come say hi to her sweet self on Thursday, March 31 at our party at Houston Station! :)

How long have you been making people beautiful? 8.5 years

Talk about trends in make up right now. What do you love? What do you wish would go away forever? :)

I love fresh, youthful looks. Pinky peach cheeks, lots of delicate shimmer.

I am pretty over the vintage look. Red lips and thick liner are very trendy and I’m def jamming on the softer stuff right now.

As we are in the business of girls-trying-on-dresses-and-looking-at-themselves, we hear girls say some really hard things about themselves. Surely you hear that too? What is the #1 complaint and what do you tell girls?

I hear complaints about EVERYTHING. But the biggest concern is usually undereye circles. I just assure my ladies that every single person has some darkness around their eyes and that the products we use will make that darkness absolutely disappear.

For wedding day looks, what are some tips on looking natural but fabulous?

LASHES! You don’t have to go all out Barbie Doll length, but a nice pair of natural shaped false lashes will give those eyes a serious UMPH! Without being too dramatic.

Also, take good care of your skin. The better shape your skin is in, the less concealer is necessary, so more of your own texture and color can show. So wash every night, exercise, and no picking at zits!

What is your personal favorite high end make up?

I love Makeup Forever. They work with such potent pigments, so each product packs a serious punch which means you actually use very little of it. Their HD line rocks my world.

What are some great drugstore cosmetic brands?

ELF at Target makes fantastic mascara for $1!!!

What do you never leave home without?

Burt’s Bees lip balm. Girls, crusty lips are a true no-no. And I will not leave the house without mascara on. It always perks up those peepers.

You're a vegetarian, right? Any great restaurants in town for vegetarians?

SO many! Pei Wei has my heart, of course. Burger Up has an awesome veggie burger. Wild Cow is a vegan place in East Nash that has some pretty interesting treats. I also adore Whole Food’s hot/cold bars. Delicious!

What is a fun fact that few people might know about you?

I’m a documentary nerd. I would rather watch an interesting documentary over an entertaining film any day. We even host a monthly documentary club at our house. My favorite: “Earthlings”. You can borrow it, if you want.

I have it on DVD. *pushing glasses up center of nose*

* * * * * * * *

See... what's *not* to love about this talented little dynamo??? Delighted she has chosen us :)

Don't miss her fabulous Two Minute Tutorials on her blog . . . free advice from an expert?? Yes, please!