Guest Blogger...Real Bride Stephanie! is such a special post for us. We were so excited to receive a sweet note and some photos of one our our brides' big days last spring. She was so eloquent and sweet to write out her story, we thought we'd allow her to tell you about her experience and her wedding day. We think this story might have touched us for a number of reasons...the bride Stephanie was amazing to work with, so sweet and so excited about her wedding. But for all the variables that affected the planning and even the day, she never lost focus of what was most important: marrying her best friend.

We are just thrilled to introduce you to our first "guest blogger" today, sweet and beautiful Stephanie . . .enjoy!

Dear Stephanie and the girls at The Bride Room;

I wanted to share my wedding with you. It’s the least I could do to express my gratitude and how lucky I felt on my wedding day to be wearing a dress I had always dreamed of.

Terry and I met in November of 2008, and we immediately became best friends. We knew very early that what we had was something big. Only two months after first meeting, I experienced a sudden and difficult death in the family, and Terry was there for me in every sense. He flew with me across the country, and he held my hand through the entire funeral except for when I was on stage delivering the eulogy.

He had no obligation to do this; after all, we had nearly just met. I didn’t ask him to go to the funeral with me, but he said, “I will go with you if you want me to. I’m here for you.”

It was this that made me truly realize his love for me, and my love for him. Over the following months our bond grew, and on June 26th, 2009, he proposed to me at the restaurant we met at.

In November of 2009, when I heard that The Bride Room was having their very first sample gown sale, I rushed on in, and Stephanie was tremendously helpful and kind. With her help, I found that “this is the one” dress… a Monique Lhuillier stunner (Alexa gown).

After a ten month engagement, we were married on April 24th, 2010 at my family home in Franklin in front of 100 of our family and friends. Almost a year ago now! And yes, a backyard wedding! By looking at the date, you might notice that our wedding was the weekend before the Nashville flood. And you might recall that on April 24th, there too was a big storm. And when your wedding ceremony is to take place uncovered and outdoors, and you’re dealing with flooding in the reception tent… well, it can be a bit of stressful situation. However, it was as if I didn’t have room in my head for that. I was marrying Terry that day, no matter what, and that’s all that mattered.

It stormed and poured all day. Tornado sirens were going off just two hours before the wedding was to start. But we got a miracle. Just as guests were arriving, the rain slowed to a trickle, and just as the wedding party started walking down the isle, the trickle stopped. Not a single drop fell during the ceremony. According to the weather man, the rain wasn’t supposed to stop that day. And we even got sun for our photos after the ceremony.

One of Terry’s groomsmen said it best in his speech at the reception: “Not very many people can say that they had thunderstorms and tornado sirens only hours before their outdoor wedding and have it turn out like it did. If what we all witnessed today isn’t testament to the promise of their marriage, I don’t know what is.”

Yes, the bottom of my dress got wet and muddy. Yes, the cake melted a tiny bit. Yes the grass in the reception tent was saturated in spots. But oh how we celebrated. Everything was beautiful. The day was truly beautiful.

Stephanie - thank you, thank you! for letting us share! You were so beautiful...hope to see you again :)

Wedding details:

Location: parents’ home // Photographer: Kristianne Summers // Flowers: Garden Delights Fine Florist  //      Dress: Monique Lhuillier // Tent and rentals: Southern Events //Officient: Ralph Griggs, Mth.  // Ceremony Violinist: Rebecca Baumbach // Cake: Publix! //Catering:  Chef George Reed // Stationary: DIY!