We're Throwing A Party With. . .Nashville Event Lighting!

You all know that the use of lighting can completely transform a space. You may have heard us swoon about   how pretty our little store is when it's a little overcast outside ... oh, how the dresses glow in the gloomy weather! Or when we did the music video for Joanna Smith . . .the backlighting on the gowns was nothing short of amazing. . .

Maybe in planning your own wedding, you are using an open space like Houston Station? Consider the light in the room when you plan the overall feel of your celebration. Nashville Event Lighting have so kindly partnered with Houston Station and us to make over the large space for our party on March 31st. We are, after all, throwing a party and producing a fashion show simultaneously. We need some serious lighting on that runway ;)

Read on to hear a little bit about the team at NEL and their take on what they do best . . . and check them out here! Great tips and behind-the-scenes treasures!

Tell us about Nashville Event Lighting: We are a specialty event lighting  and AV company located in Nashville, TN that works directly with the finest venues, event planners, couples getting married, and countless corporate clients. Who we are is a constant work in progress. We pride ourselves on creating exceptional events and providing the best customer service. If you have a vision, we'd love to execute it no matter how challenging.

What is the biggest misconception about lighting? Lighting is ofter perceived as too expensive to invest in, but lighting can actually provide on of the biggest impacts for you event. Think about it this way, Why spend a ton of money on flowers, decor, food, or cake if it is just going to be in the dark or have the harsh house lights on. If lighting is used the right way it can enhance your pictures, create atmosphere, and be used as decor. It's all about making smart educated decisions on how to create your vision on your budget.

What is the best piece of advice you can give a bride using a big, open space like Houston Station? Be creative and take advantage of the integrity of the space as much as possible. Highlight and expand upon the features that made you choose this venue.

What are some trends in lighting that you love to see brides use? Creative Gobo patterns are always fun. I love it when someone carries an element throughout the entire process of their event. For instance, a bride may use the same print/logo/monogram on their save the dates, invitations, linens, place cards, cake, and dance floor gobo. We've even had a bride use a gobo that matched the lace on her dress. The use of LED's are also a trend that I'd like to see used more this year. With LED's you can change the entire look  and tone of a room by just switching the colors of the lights. We do this with a dimmer board. An example: Having the room set to soft amber for dinner, adjusting to a pale pink for toasts and first dances, and finally adjusting the tone to a deeper shade of pink as the party really starts.  One last trend we'd like to see more of is the use of trussing. We've used our truss to create focal pieces around head tables and cake tables.

What is your favorite thing about Nashville? Nashville is our favorite because it is so versatile. One day we could be working on a wedding and another day an after party for the CMA's. You never know what to expect day to day.

Other than weddings, what other events do you all do? We are also involved in private events, corporate events, and concert lighting. Our portfolio of clients is ever changing. On a given Saturday we may have a crew hanging paper lanterns for a wedding reception at Houston Station and have a crew lighting Dyer Observatory for Blue Bird on the Mountain.

Where will you be on Thursday, March 31? :) At Houston Station of course for The Bride Room's Anniversary Party.