We're Throwing A Party With. . . Kristyn Hogan!

Welcome to Part 2 of our blog series, where we are introducing you to the wonderful friends & vendors who are so amazing to rally for our celebration on March 31st at Houston Station (oh please say you'll come!). You've seen her work and you know we love her, so today we are so delighted to go a little deeper with photographer Kristyn Hogan for you. She is a treasure, we tell you. No gimmicks, no fads; just pure, honest, incredible talent that is matched (surpassed?) only by her kindness and genuine spirit.

Kristyn will be one of many (we hope!!) photographers on hand next month at the party, but she so selflessly gave her time this week to collaborate on a long-overdue photo shoot for yours truly. She has walked with through the planning and vision-execution of this li'l shindig and we are so proud to say she's our colleague and our friend.

Without further ado, we present the gentle soul that is Kristyn Hogan. . . and her gorgeous photos:

Tell us about Kristyn Hogan, the person. I am a wife, daughter, sister, friend, artist, traveler, mint green tea-drinker, classic book-lover, big-dreamer and joyful soul. Tell us about Kristyn Hogan, the photographer. What is your signature style and what can a bride expect when she hires you? It's about the story. Through the moments and the details of a wedding day, I want to capture a spirited, fresh and timeless story and create a joyful experience from the moment we meet. What are some good questions that brides & grooms should be asking when interviewing photographers for their wedding? I think the most important thing for a couple to do is to think about what they want in their wedding photographs. There are so many different styles from traditional to high fashion to photojournalistic to really the sky is the limit. And when you are determining what you want, think not only about what looks great now but what you want 50 years from now. Wedding photographs are what you will have to remember the beginning of your new family, what you will have to show your children and your children's children. It's a lifetime investment, so finding a photographer you trust and truly connect with is the most important thing.

Do you see any major mistakes brides make in relation to photography? In addition to what I said above, I think it's important to invest in a professional, experienced wedding photographer that fits your style, personality and the vision you have for your day. Weddings are multi-faceted, fast paced and once in a lifetime and not just any person with a website, a camera and some photos from a wedding makes a great wedding photographer.

What would you do if not photography? I can't even begin to imagine my life not being a wedding photographer. I am so passionate about what I do and I think if you find what you are meant to do in life you feel the way I feel. I wouldn't want to feel any other way.

What is your favorite food? Bread. Yes, I enjoy restaurants based on the quality of their bread :) And chocolate is probably right up there!

What is something a lot of people might not know about you? I met my husband when I was thirteen. We didn't live in the same state until I was twenty-three and we'd already been married for over a year. Ask me in person to hear all of that crazy (love) story :)

Many thanks for sharing, Kristyn...lots of love!