We're Throwing a Party With. . .H3 Events!

EEEEEKS! Six weeks from today is our 10 Year Anniversary Party at Houston Station!!! Hope you're planning to come! {You're all invited. . . didn't you hear!??!} We're so thankful to be working on this fabulous event with so many talented and gracious friends in town. We are all too aware that it is support from friends like these who have  allowed us to have such a wonderful decade!

Hugh and Anita of H3 Events are helping us with the overall picture...connecting us with great vendors and pulling the details together {hint, hint, girls...the value of a planner is immeasurable!!!} Enjoy getting to know them a little more. . . and of course check them out here!

Give our readers a brief overview of H3 Events: H three events is made up of Hugh Howser and Anita Hogin; we plan weddings, corporate events, and private parties. From start to finish each event is budgeted and executed to the fullest.

What is unique about H3 Events?

Our ability to combine logistics with creativity.

Talk about the dynamic between Hugh and Anita: Jokingly...Hugh refer s himself as "the fluff" and Anita as "the brains"...of the company. Their dynamic is the true secret weapon to their success. Each event is captivating due to Hugh's creative ability to know exactly what the client is aiming for. Anita allows the creative process to flow without interruption, while maintaining fluid logistical plans and budgeting. In other words,  Hugh creates, while Anita guides and steers the event to the perfect closure.

Favorite thing about what you do:

Hugh: "The first glimpse of the event before a guest arrives and the host's reaction" // Anita:  "Getting to know the bride and her family and executing her dreams"

Why is hiring a wedding planner worth working into the budget? When examining a budget, a planner is really a very small portion of the overall cost. It is not really a budget issue, as it is a total peace of mind that your event is being managed and you get to enjoy it. Planners should merely be considered a vendor like a tent company, or florist... and whether you're having 10 people over for chili, or a wedding for 700, you will need help.

What is the #1 mistake you see brides make in the planning process? There really isn't a mistake to be made in wedding planning, you just don't want to set yourself up for something you cannot accomplish. Let's be honest, we are not saving lives here, and everything can be repaired with the exception of inclement weather. You must be realistic in your planning... this is supposed to be enjoyable and not stressful.

What advice would you give to parents of the bride leading into the big day that they are hosting? You should have all planning completed 2 weeks before the wedding. That way the last week is your time to bond, and enjoy before you send her down the aisle.

Your idea of a dream vacation: French Riveria

Favorite local place to eat in Nashville: McCabe Pub

Something few people might know about you:

Hugh: I cannot sleep without a fan.