:: every day is love day ::

If you follow even one wedding-related blog or twitter user, chances are pretty good you've heard about a major retail chain introducing a certain vowel-free wedding collection today...We'd be lying if, as shoppers and general lovers of fashion, we didn't admit that this announcement piqued even our own interest. But - we'd also be amiss if we didn't give credit where it's due, and that is to our dear and darling brides.

Maybe because we're in the South, or in Nashville - a decidedly creative and accepting community? But seems like our girls have been doing the inspired vintage, indie-chic, DIY {or make-it-look-like-DIY} for a long time now. While we will certainly keep our eye on evolving fashion and innovative trends in the market, we know we don't need to look any further than our own couture designers and fabulous, expressive brides to see amazing weddings.

Do you remember. . .

Catherine in Melissa Sweet | South Carolina | Whitebox Wedding Photography

Jaymee in Watters | Cedarwood | Rachel Williamson Photography

Reagan in Augusta Jones | family home in Nashville | Michael Howard Photography

Helen in Melissa Sweet | Maids in Amsale | hometown church in Alabama | by Shea Photography

Bailey in Vineyard Collection | The Mill at Lebanon | Ulmer Studios

Amy in Amsale & Paris jewels| Nashville | Mary Rosenbaum Photography

Merin in Amsale | Texas {hay bales...swoon!} | Melissa Prosser Photography

Melissa Sweet had gorgeous texture & short lengths on the runway this fall. . .Photos by Jenny Sherouse Photography

Happy Valentine's Day 2011, dear friends. . .hope it is, in fact, a day of love and happiness and all the ones you hold dear. Cheers!