Election Year...continues.....

Bet you thought your voting obligation (privilege? honor?) was over for the next 4 years : ) : )

Our friends at AshleysBrideGuide (ABG) are proud to present "Best of Nashville Wedding Vendors Awards '08" ... and they need your help! ABG is a local resource for brides like you and they want first hand references! (These are the fun surveys, don't you think?)

We love the terms they are setting from the get- go:
"Please do not nominate a business for each category. Instead, only vote for the outstanding vendor(s) that made your day spectacular and were extraordinary in terms of service, product, creativity or value."

So practical and honest! Sure enough, there is a category for each "Attire - Bridal Gowns" and "Attire - Bridesmaids".... :) :) :)

Click here to vote!

Rest assured, we are not starting an all out Vote For Us Campaign and we certainly won't harass you or fill your email with propoganda...but if you feel like we're doing a great job, we'd love it if you would let the gals at ABG know.....

Happy Friday! Have a great and warm weekend!!!!