More Amsale Bridesmaids!

In case you hadn't heard, we are huge fans of the Amsale bridesmaids collection!!! Though we absolutely adore the chiffon dresses {and even have some of those styles for ourselves!!}, we are so excited today to present the new taffeta collection from Amsale... If you're looking for an overall bridesmaids style that is more traditional than the chiffon, these are your dresses....the color palette is edited and concise, and there is a style for everyone - Mom, too! :)

These are some of our sure and check out the full Amsale bridesmaids collection here.

We have streamlined the bridesmaids process for your girls who live here, there, and everywhere with an online tool that allows them to order electronically. We're happy to help and would love to dress your girls....let us know if you'd like to come see our bridesmaids collections!!

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