What Not to Wear | Nashville!

Sometimes it's fun to be in on a secret, isn't it??  Especially when it's for someone you like :)

photo by Donald Yeager

In April, the team from TLC's What Not to Wear makeover program selected our sweet friend Hillary from Brocade Designs as a candidate for a major wardrobe overhaul. She was utterly surprised and had a whirlwind, live-changing experience in the weeks that followed.

We were fortunate to be a part of it in a few small ways, including the ever-exciting reveal party hosted by TLC at the gorgeous Belle Meade Plantation. Hillary was adorable, appropriately sassy, and deservingly fawned over by her many friends and admirers... including one very special guy who put the icing on the makeover cake with something that may or may not look like this:

{don't stress....this is so not a spoiler :) ... even got the photo from Hillary's own blog! the engagement news spread quickly and with much fervor and the plans are well under way! we're delighted not only to call her "friend" but "ours," too...as in, she'll be married in a fabulous gown from The Bride Room...can't say which one just yet...you'll just have to follow along!}

You can get a peek at Hillary and her pre-makeover self here...and definitely tune in Friday night (that's THIS FRIDAY! November 19!) at 9pm to TLC to see Hillary and the episode that took single Hillary to exceptionally well-dressed, stunning, and engaged Hillary!

Some of Hillary's recent work:::

both photos above by Kristyn Hogan

photo by Chris and Adrienne Scott

Tune in and enjoy!!!